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2021 Sony Bravia XR TV Series Review | LED & OLED, 4K & 8K

This video goes over the new Bravia XR models in Sony’s 2021 line of televisions. Of all the big changes for 2021, the new Bravia XR Cognitive Intelligent Processor is what is going to give you the biggest picture improvement over the previous models. The XR upgrade adds cognitive intelligence which is actually beyond artificial intelligence to imitate the visual process of the human brain. These are the first TVs to ever offer cognitive intelligence and the benefits to the picture are huge. We will go over some of the differences between the LED and OLED models and will also discuss the benefits of stepping up to an 8K model. To take a more in depth look at the new Sony Bravia XR televisions click the link below to be taken to the full written review on our site.

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