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Artzooka! – Tin Foil (HD – Full Episode) S01E09

Why just paint on paper or canvas? Jeremie shows us some tips and tricks for painting on tinfoil! Then he takes some backyard rocks and Artzooka Imagination, and makes rock art. Coloured duct tape inspires Jeremie to create a wallet buddy to match his duct tape suit and tie. For an Artzooka Recycle Challenge, Jeremie recycles a box of paints into a circus truck and puts Paper Bag in charge of a circus show.

Come back every Monday for a brand new crafty video and see what you can Artzooka next!

Artzooka! is a half hour series blending live action and animation to show kids that art is everywhere and that there is an artist in each one of them! Targeting kids 6 – 9, Artzooka! provides audiences with traditional techniques in unconventional ways and teaches children to draw outside the lines and create their own masterpieces.
The works created represent a broad spectrum of art including digital movies, silk-screened t-shirts and lamps made from oranges! What will you Artzooka today?


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