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Cherry Season Episode 110

Cherry Season Episode 110
Kiraz Mevsimi (English Subtitles)

The biggest dream of Öykü is to meet the fashion designer Önem Dinçer one day and show his drawings. Öykü, who went to the opening to realize his dream of opening the fashion house by taking the opportunity, succeeds to deliver his drawings to his assistant even if he does not meet Önem. Even this is a big step for the Story. An exciting wait has begun in his life.

This is not the only excitement in Öykü’s life. He also plans to open up to Mete, whom he has been in love with since his childhood years. But nothing goes as planned, and his relationship with Mete is in a big dead end.

Meanwhile, cold winds start to flow with Ayaz, whom he met as a result of coincidences, but fate is determined to bring them together at every opportunity.

Ozge Gurel
Serkan Cayoglu
Daghan Kulegec
Nilperi Sahinkaya
Aras Aydin
Nihal Isiksacan

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