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TEKKEN7 seson 4 /subscribers Matchs 2021/friends

my soon-to-be wife moderator of my channel am the upcoming legendary working on being a gaming God I am the hero tekken and also other fighting games but my strong is game is Tekken been trying to Branch out into other games lately and I liked it in the past and did cheated rank a little bit now trying to make things right I have a lot of enemies out there on Tekken and also YouTube not want to let go of the past I did but it’s all good I’m just going to work hard to get better and stronger to defeat the evil that goes on the game virtual reality online I will not stop trying to be the best and also so Mighty Morphin Power Rangers anime old school Sailor Moon Dragon Ball Z the Guyver bioboosted armor and also into DC and Marvel Comics favorite characters that I like to go by Superman Goku Spider-Man also I like to use the powers of dragon like Kaioken and also use the powers of Superman Man of Steel I call it Ranger of Steel and by the power of the Red Dragon I shall punish you


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